Math Anxiety and Success: Guest Post on Math=Love

A few days ago, something super exciting happened that I really should have written about before now. But with the holidays and a toddler I hardly see when school is in session, I needed some family time. Sarah Carter from the beyond amazing Math=Love published my guest post about math anxiety and success on her blog. Sarah is an amazing math teacher and blogger who has an exceptional way of reaching kids and helping them learn difficult math. It was beyond amazing to be included on her blog. 

You can read more from Sarah at Math=Love. She blogs everyday, sharing what works with her students, classroom decor, interactive notebooks, organization, everything! You can also find her on Twitter @mathequalslove.

Math Anxiety and Success

Since blogging about our classroom fridge, teachers have sent me photos of their classroom fridges and how their students also love seeing their work displayed. You can read more here.

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