Enlarging any file to a classroom poster - for free!

If you aren't given the option to print your PDF files as large, multi-page posters in the PDFs "print" screen, this post is for you!

That up there is the end result of figuring it all out all these years later. Pretty impressive, right? Yeah not really! BUT, it took me a while AND saves me an expensive trip to Staples (who wanted $42!!) or waiting for something to come in the mail (those are shinier but not very highlighter-friendly). Tomorrow I will tape my new homemade poster together at school so that I can highlight it as my students highlight their own smaller versions for their notebooks. As you may have guessed, we are starting quadratic word problems tomorrow.

The steps
If you're still reading I'll assume you are looking for some simple steps. OK, here goes. I'll give you the steps and then show some photos. I'm a photos person myself but appreciate a good get-to-the-point list.

1: Go to ZamZar.com to convert from doc (or pdf or png...) to jpeg
2: Upload your new jpeg to BlockPosters.com
3: Choose your size and save as pdf to your computer (see photos)
4: Print from saved file (*choose "fit" in the print settings)
5: Cut, tape, hang in classroom!

(*in the photo above I didn't remember to click "fit", which is why the words are a little cut off. I used a marker to fill in the missing parts after taping together, but choosing "fit" in the pdf print settings avoids this extra step.)

I LOVE ZamZar and have used it to covert a whole bunch of things. Because BlockPosters only accepts jpegs, you'd upload your file into ZamZar (Step 1), choose to convert to jpeg (Step 2) and enter your email address (Step 3). In seconds a link is emailed to you allowing you to download the file. Oh, and this is all free. 

Once your jpeg is all set to go, it's time to head over to BlockPosters to create your poster. For my poster I chose "2 Pages Wide". In the photo above, I showed what "3 Pages Wide" looks like in the settings. Click "Create My Poster" and you're good to go! BlockPosters does add a few pages into the file, so I save the file to my desktop and choose to print only the pages I want. 

I have used this poster every year during our quadratics unit to help my students make connections between the keywords in quadratic word problems and the parts of a parabola. I write more about quadratics in the post Fun with Quadratics. We have visual references like this poster all over our classroom's math word walls. To me, learning is so much more than memorizing. Lowering my students' anxiety levels with references that are always available has improved their feelings towards math, made them more confident and has made me feel like a better teacher. 


  1. Do you use these site to print your "word wall" bundles? I have purchased your bundles. Just wondering if your print them the way they are or enlarge them. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for asking. I make the word walls to be printable as-is. They will cover roughly 30 square feet (give or take depending on the grade level) without any enlarging.