As a thank you for subscribing (below), you'll get this free math pennant activity. Your students will be engaged and have lots of fun while secretly also doing math:) Here is a review from Pamela of my Math Pennants. I make everything with difficult kids in mind, so this review really made me feel good about the work I do.

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You can read more about how teachers are using math pennants as warm ups, centers, team building group work, exit tickets, homework, class decor, extra credit and even as sub work in this post

I also take custom requests. The best part, I will send your custom request to you for free! Why free? As a thank you for answering any questions I may have. It's important to me to get activities right, and when you request one you are the expert in what your students need. You can read more about requests, and see a few of the requested pennants sent to teachers for free, on my requests page.