Here are some of the bundles in my TpT store. Some are growing, which means you will receive free updates with new products for life. If you don't need an entire bundle, each listing is hyperlinked with the individual resources. So this is an easy way to browse!

Algebra 1 Bundle

This Algebra Activities Growing Bundle is updated with new Algebra activities for life. The best part is that when these new resources are added, you can re-download for free. 

Slope Bundle

This Slope Bundle is one of my best-sellers. It includes a variety of fun slope activities and a set of notes to make slope accessible to everyone. Here is some feedback on how teachers like the resources inside:

Functions Bundle

This is a great set of resources for teaching functions. This Functions Bundle has gotten great reviews, like this one from Ashley:

Slope and Functions

If you teach both slope and functions, this Slope and Functions Bundle includes everything the individual bundles include plus my best-selling Linear Equations Flippables.

Quadratics Activity Bundle to make learning quadratics fun

One of my favorite units to teach is Quadratics. I love how much students learn in this unit. This Quadratics Bundle includes activities that will reach all of your students. I use the task cards included in this bundle to assess instead of giving tests.

Math Pennants Growing Bundle

This Math Pennants Growing Bundle includes all of the Math pennants I have made and updates for free for life. It comes at a greater than 30% savings over the individual pennants. I enjoyed reading this feedback:

Algebra Pennants Growing Bundle

If you teach Algebra and don't need all of the pennants included in the larger growing bundle, this Algebra Pennants Growing Bundle includes just those for Algebra students. Best yet, it also updates for free for life.

Elementary Math Pennants Growing Bundle

Also with free updates for life is this Elementary Math Pennants Growing Bundle for kids  in grades 3 through 6.

Fractions Pennants mini-bundle

This Fraction Pennant mini-Bundle includes 60 pennants with 20 each for adding fractions, subtracting fractions and multiplying fractions. There is a link inside the listing to a larger bundle that also includes pennants for comparing, converting and dividing.

Algebra 2 bundle

This Algebra 2 bundle includes activities to cover domain, range, increasing, decreasing, functions and a word wall to make Algebra 2 super accessible to all students. Here's some feedback from Paula I especially liked:)

I really, really, really enjoy teaching my Consumer Math class. All of my students are seniors who will be out in the world soon and I love giving them the tools they need to avoid financial pitfalls.

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