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I love being a Special Education teacher. OK, the paperwork gets completely overwhelming, but there's nothing like helping kids who've lost hope find success and ways to believe in themselves again. Is there any way to describe that feeling? 

Connecting with other Special Education teachers and reading about their experiences is great for a few reasons. The job gets tough so it's nice to be able to relate to other teachers going through the same thing. I also believe that necessity causes Special Ed teachers to be extra creative in order to reach students. They are always filled with great ideas that make difficult subject matter relatable and fun. Here are some great blogs written by some even better Special Education teachers. 

If you are a Special Education Teacher with a blog and you'd like to be included here, please email me with your blog address and grade level at scaffoldedmath@gmail.com.

Special Ed Teacher Blogs: PreK-2

Special Ed Teacher Blogs: Grades 3-5

Special Ed Teacher Blogs: Grades 6-8

Special Ed Teacher Blogs: Grades 9-12

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  1. Hey! Thank you for the shoutout! Just finding you on here but I look forward to what else you have to share!

  2. Thank you for the link up!! I appreciate you sharing my blog. I am going to start looking around now.

  3. Thank you for sharing my blog! Great idea!

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  5. I just found this blog post, and I am so excited to look through all of the different links you've put together here! Obviously, I'm late to the game, but if you are ever doing another compilation of other sped blogs, feel free to add mine! It's still relatively new, but I plan on posting lots about my sped adventures! Here's the link: http://innovativeteachingforspeciallearners.blogspot.com/
    - Wendy

    1. I'd love to add your blog! What grade/s do you teach?

    2. Thanks for responding and offering to add my blog! I teach 4-6th grades, although it fluctuates each year, so I don't have my grades too specifically targeted in my blog. I would say I'm in the upper elementary group most consistently, like grades 3-5.